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About The Peppernut Factory

These fabulous morsels of culinary delight were inspired by my late father Eddie, a self-proclaimed "armchair gourmet". All of our peppernuts were created based on dad’s original recipe and though some are quite different from others they all still contain the basic "peppernut" ingredients.

Peppernuts or Pfeffernusse as they are also known, came to the U.S. by way of immigrants from Germany, Austria, Denmark… well, from all over Europe at least two centuries back. They are traditionally a sweet confection with anise, clove, nutmeg and cinnamon among other spices. Some recipes include a dash of pepper and or nuts. Some claim this is how they got the name "Peppernuts".

Once the ingredients are mixed together the dough is rolled into long ropes to about the thickness of a pencil or ones little finger and cut into roughly 1/8 inch slices and baked like a traditional "little cookie". Sometimes they are rolled into tiny balls and when baked look like hazelnuts. Yet another possible explanation for their name.

The origin of the name isn’t as important as the flavor and uniquness of each one.

So who is behind these unusal little Peppernuts? That would be ME!

My name is Tim. I too am a self proclaimed armchair gourmet like my dad, and self proclaimed "Peppernut Wizard". Like my father before me I am an artist. I love the outdoors and gardening so painting landscapes and still life suits me well. I am also a sculptor, and an art director. I have lent my creative talents to the motion picture industry, and a number of collectible product companies. However, after creating more than two dozen wild and crazy twists on the lowly little peppernut, I decided (after a little coaxing from some friends) to share them with YOU!

Much like art, some will like some, while others will like others. That’s what art, and life, (and Peppernuts) are all about. I feel flavors have many of the same abilities as visual art to conjour up nostalgic memories while at the same time create new ones. The next time you munch on a sweet little peppernut, think of it as a painting in your mouth without all the roughage!

Our little Peppernut Factory is located smack dab in the middle of the country (almost) in Topeka, Kansas. The heartland or "fly over" country for those who have never been fortunate enough to visit. You might be surprised if you’ve never been here. It’s not all flat and full of tornados. Really.

Thanks for checking us out!